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Medway Crompton

Locomaster Profiles, 25 Beech Road, Langley, Berkshire. SL3 7DQ

Running Time 60 mins.

Cabride videos can be dull and boring, but this one isn't for a number of reasons. One of its selling points is the fact that it is a run of the last surviving Class 33 'Cromptons', 33 030 on a departmental working, and a run that is 'wired for sound' to give a better recording of the Sulzer power unit at work. The ride and its lively commentary are a fascinating insight to an overlooked line that is literally a working museum piece with its semaphore signals, manually operated crossing gates and station buildings that have changed little since their construction on a semi-rural line that neither faces closure nor is it high on the list for upgrading.

The commentary is just right - it is neither long winded and laborious, nor absent, it has the right level of information about the line and the operation of the train, a Hoo Junction-East Peckham infrastructure train.

It's an hours worth of entertainment that really covers an under-rated line in good detail. (Rail)

For more information on the 'Medway Crompton', take a look at Locomaster Profiles' homepage.