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Railway of origin                     British Railways

Introduced                                1959

Manufacturer                           Birmingham Railway Carriage &Wagon Co.

Purpose                                     Mixed Traffic

Wheel Arrangement              Bo-Bo

Engine                                       Sulzer

Transmission                            Electric

Number Built                            98

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External Dimensions

Length over buffers:                50' 9"

Overall wheelbase:                   39' 0"

Bogie wheelbase:                      10' 0"

Bogie centres:                             29' 0"

Overall height from rail:           12' 8"

Overall width 33/0 & 33/1:     9' 3"

                           33/2:                   8' 8"

Wheel diameter:                         3' 7"


Performance Specification

Maximum tractive effort:                     45,000lbs at 26% adhesion

Continuous rated tractive effort:       26,000lbs at 17.5 mph

Continuous rated rail hp:                     1215

Maximum service speed:                      85mph

Fuel capacity:                                          800 gallons


Traction Equipment

Diesel engine:                                     Sulzer 8-cylinder vertical single-bank in-line type 8LDA28 of                                                                 1550bhp at 750rpm

Main generator:                                 Crompton Parkinson type CP CG 391B1,

    main generator rating:                 1012kW, 575V, 1760A, at 750rpm

    auxiliary generator rating:           57kW, 110V, 518A, at 450rpm

    train generator rating:                  235kW, 750V, 313A, at 550rpm

Traction motors (four per loco):     Crompton Parkinson type CP 171C2, in parallel; rating 305hp,                                                                  440A, 580V; gear ratio 62:17


Nominal Loco Weight in working order

Class 33/0:    76t 9c

Class 33/1    77t 6c

Class 33/2    76t 5c


Typical Depot Allocation (known up to 1982)

All initially Hither Green

Low-numbered Class 33/0 since 1963:     Eastleigh

All Class 33/1 since conversion:                  Eastleigh

Class 33/2 during 1963-7:                             St. Leonards


D. Bradford Barton 1982