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(Andy Veitch)

The Birmingham Railway and Carriage Company's Type 3 Locomotive became commonplace on the Southern Region from the start of the diesel era. A straightforward diesel-electric, very similar to the BRCW Type 2 Bo-Bo's, which became the Class 26 & 27 loco's, with a powerful eight cylinder engine, different cab ends and suspension. They were designed specifically for the Southern Region, with electric heating apparatus, and some for push/pull operations, in particular, on the Bournemouth to Weymouth line. This avoided the lengthy procedure of uncoupling, running around and coupling. A dozen locomotives, Class 33/2, were built with narrower bodies for traversing the Hastings line. Around eight are still in existance on the network and can still be seen on a variety of duties, now mainly freight, in the south of England. Happily, some examples have been preserved.