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Naming History

Thanks to Colin Baker.

When built the Birmingham RC&W type 3, as they were then known, were allocated the numbers D6500 to D6597 in the 1957 number series. Under the Eastern Region classification system they were classified D15/1 (latter15/6) for the standard locos (D6500-85) and D15/2 (later 15/6) for the narrow bodied examples (D6586-97).

When the first list was drawn up for the TOPS numbering system in 1967 it was proposed the class would be split into two, class 33 for unmodified locos and class 34 for the 19 locos then undergoing conversion to push-pull working. These 19 locos were picked randomly from the standard gauge series. Classification was revised in 1969, all locos would be class 33 and subdivisions were proposed 33/1 for standard locos, 33/2 for push pull and 33/3 for narrow body. This was further amended in 1972 with standard locos being 33/0, push-pull as 33/1 and narrow body 33/2. TOPS renumbering took place between 1973 and 1975, standard locos being numbered in order as far as possible ignoring the two withdrawn locos and 33/1 converts. Push pull locos also followed their numerical sequence, the narrow bodied locos were always a discreet batch.

The following list clarifies the renumbering.

D6500/1    33001/2
D6502 withdrawn
D6503-10 33003/10
D6511 33101
D6512 33011
D6513/14 33102/3
D6515 33012
D6516/7 33104/5
D6518 33013
D6519-21 33106-8
D6522-24  33014-6
D6525 33109
D6526 33017
D6527-29 33110-2
D6530 33018
D6531-3 33113-5
D6534 33019
D6535/6 33116/7
D6537 33020
D6538 33118
D6539-75 33021-57
D6576 withdrawn
D6577-9 33058-60
D6580 33119
D6581-5 33061-5
D6586-97 33201-12
33018 became departmental TDB968030 in 7/89.
33115 became driving van trailer 83301 in the coaching stock series in 1989.
33205 was renumbered 33302 in 7/88 and reverted back to 33205 in 10/88.
Building batches and dates:
D6500-D6564    works numbers DEL 92-156         1960-1
D6565-D6585    works numbers DEL 169-189       1961-2
D6586-D6597    works numbers DEL 157-168       1962