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Some news items reproduced by kind permission of Rail magazine.

February 20, 1998

33025+33202 are on today's Cliffe-Purley-Cliffe aggregates turn. (PRAR, Rail Gen)

February 16, 1998

33 046 is now shown on a tops enquiry with the fault code ACCT/ONE which means withdrawn due to wear and tear. Earlier in the day 030/051 worked 7M03 to Luton which only weighed in at 2018 tons!!!!!! (Jim M)

Two 33s (33116 and a dutch one) have just passed my kitchen window at Swathling running light heading south. I might be jumping the gun but they are at about the same time as the loco which goes to Furzebrook to work 6V29 20:29 Furzebrook-Hallen Marsh LPGs.  Two 37s went down last Thursday around 17:00-17:30 and they did work it on that night. Anyone who can get hold of TOPS will know more but I have not seen anything else go down.  It might be dark but if they do work it the sound could be good!! Here's hoping!!! (Richard Hay, Rail Gen)

33025+33202  are on today's Cliffe-Purley aggregates turn. (PRAR, Rail Gen)

February 13, 1998

last night 019/116 worked 6M23 Eastleigh to Washwood Heath (again it drops cromptons and I'm in bed!!) arriving Birmingham 2350hrs departing back with 6O16 0220 at this morning so again in 1998 they work the tanks but this time these pair have probably worked this train in the 60's as I have a picture in one of my books of 6534 (019) working this train in green livery with no yellow panel. (Jim M)

February 11, 1998

33030+33025  are on the Cliffe-Purley aggregates turn. (PRAR, Rail Gen)

February 10, 1998

According to a rumour I have heard it could be interesting in the new timetable as EWS are RUMOURED to be withdrawing their 37's from Wales and West & Valley Lines for use on freight diagrams, but as they are in a contract with them the RUMOUR is they are offering 33's as replacments, so it looks like I will be buying a season ticket to Weymouth ;-) (Jim M)

February 4, 1998

33019+33116 were in charge of a ballast train passing West Byfleet in the Staines direction at about 14:30. The train is more than likely the 13.02 Eastleigh- Hoo departmental as this is routed via Staines. They should return on 18.XX Hoo-Eastleigh later on (also via Staines) (David J Mills, Rail Gen)

February 2, 1998

Just a quick note... I see the tops report on your page... I did one today as well.... 046 shown in the stored pool.. along with 45015 !!
Not good :((( (Julian Hill)

February 1, 1998

Second I have heard on the grapevine that 046 is to be withdrawn to supply parts i.e.026 main gen 030 traction motor. If this is true then we shall find out in the next few days. (Jim M)

January 31, 1998

There is a steam hauled railtour today, Black 5, 44767 and BR Green Crompton 33208 double headed. The train starts from Leatherhead with a Class 47 to Waterloo.
67, Waterloo dep 0830, Southampton Central arrive 1133, detatch 44767, then 33208 dep 1145 to Poole.
Return 1Z68 Poole dep. xxxx, Southampton Central 33208 arr 1553, attatch 44767 dep 1609 to Waterloo.
At time of writing the train is not in TOPS. (Mark Williams)

January 26, 1998

Morning, 37194 & 33019 are on this mornings 7M08 Hither Green - Luton Will head south from Luton @ about 13:30 on 7O80 Luton - Angerstein Wharf with the 33 leading... (Mark Bridel, Rail Gen)

Hi Mark, A friend put 33208 through tops today for me. It shows that it worked 5Z84 test from Canton on 23/01, before working    2C30 1601 Bargoed - Cardiff, then the usual 2O43 1705 Cardiff - Rhymney. It then worked 2F43 Rhymney - Cardiff this morning, 26/01. Hope this is of interest! Cheers. (Tim Proudman)

January 24, 1998

Just a quick not to say that 208 worked on Friday night... and I was front coach.. front seat :))) Hellfire !!!! The outrageous thing is that it went out on a test run in the afternoon.. 14.32 - Bargoed and 15.46 return as a service train ! I was a bit upset as I walked off the platform to have a few beers at 14.25 :( The laugh was though.. I went out to Queen St. on the 16.32 as I needed  the 37, and when we got there it was sat in the other platform ! A quick leap, and back into Central with it, then up to Rhymney :) (Julian Hill)

January 23, 1998

33208 - out of service at Canton N/AWS. Expect OK 2200 hours 24/01 (Tim Proudman, Rail Gen)

0825 As predicted yesterday, 33025+116 are on the Cliffe - Purley aggregates duty. They will work the 6Y94 empties later this morning. (PRAR, Rail Gen)

January 22, 1998

33019/33030. Both worked this mornings Angerstein - Battersea to Hither Green where they were replaced by 60059. Good bet for a pair of 33's on the Marcon train rest of the week. (0852 x Angerstein wharf). 33026 & 33116. Working Cliffe - Purley. Another good bet to stick tommorow.(Zingbat894, Rail Gen)

January 21, 1998

33116+33025 are on the Brett Cliffe-Purley turn again. IIRC the empties work back as 6Y94, perhaps somebody could check TOPS & see if it is via Salfords. (PRAR, Rail Gen)

January 20, 1998

Sorry but after tops was down last week now the printer is u/s so all I can say is they are all in traffic except 026/046 which haven't changed. 208 went on a test run today but is now shown AWS fault expect ok 2100 21/01 so it looks like 37's on the Rhymney until Thursday at the soonist. (Jim M)

January 19, 1998

Today ( Mon ) I passed 051 & 202 on a ballast at Longhedge Jnc. at 14.55. I have no idea what train this was :( (Julian Hill)

I know its dark at the mo, but thought I'd keep y'all informed on the latest crompton developments. 33019/030 presently on 7E24 Angerstein - KX, I believe these usually stay on the diagram for a few days. 33051/202 presently on 7Y81 Three Br - Eastleigh.
No  Cromptons on the Handsworth I'm afraid, in fact its 58042 on 6Z60 1725 Handsworth - Sheerness, just passed Aynho running 108 mins.  (Anton Kendall - Munich, Rail Gen)

January 15, 1998

Just to let you know 33051+33202 are working 6Z23 FAWLEY to WASHWOOD HEATH expect at Birmingham around 0000hrs returning 6O16 approx 0130hrs 16/01 Just like the 1960's. (Jim M)

Apparently 33208 failed yesterday with a burst pipe and so the 17:04 CDF - RHYM was a 37/4. I therefore assume that this mornings 07:41 RHYM - CDF was the same 37/4. Anyone going for the 17:04 tonight would be wise to check the Crompton is off repair. (Hoppy, Rail Gen)

January 12, 1998

Just to confirm that 37245 and 33030 are currently at Luton on 7M08 from Hither Green. 33030 will be leading when they return to Angerstein Wharf on 7O80 at approx 13:30, looks like a fairly short formation....(Mark Bridel, London ,Rail Gen)

January 10, 1998

My source has told me that on Tues 13/01 the 33 going to kineton is allocated for a 33/1 going light through Oxford approx 1400 returning through Oxford approx 1625. (Jim M)

33116/025 worked Ton-Hast on Thursday night, on 15 Seacows.  (Anton Kendall - Munich,Rail Gen)

January 9, 1998

(On the subject of loco hauled trains out of Cardiff...) Best performance was the 17:05 to Rhymney, which was hauled by D6593 (is this 33208 in original livery?) with the Forward Trust Rail (thanks Robert Volland!) rake of Mk2a's seen yesterday.  This departed only 3mins late.  (The defective lights have now been fixed in 5365).  The driver was obviously enjoying himself, as full power was applied on departure, before easing back for the climb to Queen Street. (Paul Harley, Rail Gen)

33208 left Cardiff Canton Carriage Sheds @ 1710hrs with the Eversholt Rake (?):

5373   Felicity
5275   Wendy
5365   Deborah  
17086  Georgina 

Possibly working the following service (1740?) to Rhymey?

37427 actually worked the 1705 to Rhymney with the regular Waterman Rake.

37412 left Canton at 1645 , four coach South Wales and West rake. Eastbound
service but no further details. (Nick Weedon, Bridgend, Rail Gen)

33208 is booked to work the Rhymney diagram as from tomorrow, the stock is the Eversholt Charter Set, and apparently there is only one out and back diagram. 33026 was actually transferred to Eastleigh YARD (ie dumped) first with engine probs and wheel flats, now in CF with 33202, due full repair.
33207 being transferred this minute as I type from Stewarts Lane to Crewe Heritage Centre, and 33029 due to be moved from Toton to same place, both purchased by Harry Needle and IMMINENT return to main line service, both in blue. 33057/002 are next.

Tuesday - 33 light engine to Kineton, to pick up the 2 units 33046 dumped there in August, due out about 1520, to Eastleigh.

Wednesday - 33 light engine to Pig's Bay, about 1000 to Eastleigh with units.

The 2 above items to be updated, but from reliable source. (Anton Kendall - Munich,Rail Gen)

January 8, 1998

It looks like the plan for 33026 to go to Canton for it's B exam has been changed today (8th). TOPS also reports that 33208 has arrived at Canton at 1345 - I hope to get a peak at it tomorrow when I pass there.   Rail express claims that 33103 and a 4-TC unit may be out on the main line soon. (Colin Baker)

33208 should move to Cardiff Canton today, although it's not reported as having left Alton yet. Also, 33202 is allocated to tow 33026 over to Canton for tyre turning as well. No details on when as yet but I'll post if I get any more gen. 33208 is on the move now and currently 25 minutes late. Booked through Patchway at 12:10.
33202+33026 booked off Eastleigh at 18:00 tonight. (Hoppy, Rail Gen)

The 17:05 Cardiff - Rhymney left 4 minutes late tonight hauled by 37411 Ty Hafan in EWS livery.  I'll check for a Class 33 tomorrow. Something which has changed is the stock.  It was previously a rake of air-con Mk2s in Waterman Railways livery.  Tonight, it was four Mk2a's in what appeared to be Rail Blue and White.  They all carried painted names, the details being:

5373   Felicity
5275   Wendy
5365   Deborah   (lights not working!!)
17086  Georgina  (BFK with full first class markings)

Without the burden of air-con, a Class 33 should easily meet the Class 37 timings, provided it's thrashed enough! (Paul Harley, Rail Gen)

208 arrived at Canton so its looking like a trip to Cardiff is in order to have a bit of quality. (Jim M)

TOPS reports today that 33026 is "assigned for 'B'  612 22-09/01/98 CANTONTMD'
which translates as a B exam with attention to wheel sets 2200 hrs today (9th) at Canton (it's now 0001 and yes I've been out for a pint again). So Wales is the place for 33's at the moment. It's expexted OK date is 31/01.

Robert Volland thinks that the 'coach' that 33116 took to Crewe could be anything as the 44xxx series is sometimes used as a temp. number for odd stock movements for stuff not on TOPS. (Colin Baker)

January 7, 1998

33202 passed through Southampton Central light engine on the up line at 0840. Its destination unknown. (Mark WIlliams)

Looks like 33208 is working Welsh valley lines for 6 weeks with 4 Mk 2s from sometime very soon - hellfire! Due to move on Thursday light engine, 0928 Alton-Cardiff, via Ascot, Reading, GWML. After the 6 weeks, the Hastings unit should take over.

From Tim P here's the times of the Class 33 Rhymney diagrams, which are assumed to be SX. I think the aim is to release a Class 150 for overhaul.

  0721 Rhymney - Cardiff
  1633 Cardiff - Rhymney
  1740 Rhymney - Cardiff
  2105 Cardiff - Rhymney

I believe that the first working will be Monday. ( Hoppy,Rail Gen)

I've just heard a different set of timings for the 33 from a source I consider well connected and reliable. The afternoon set above was claimed
to be a 37.

0721 Rhymney - Cardiff
1705? Cardiff-Rhymney

The first working was alleged to be the 1705 this Friday.

I'm not in a position to judge which set is more likely to be the actual situation. (Jon,
Rail Gen)

January 3, 1998

33116 had an outing to Crewe this morning . It worked as the 5Z91 - 0300hrs from Bournemouth Depot to Crewe Works arriving at 0820 and returned light loco as 0Z63 at 0855. It hauled one vehicle - 44216 - which is not on TOPS. As it ran class 5, I presume it's a coach, perhaps an old departmental or preserved though the number series is odd. I've asked Robert Volland if he has any idea what this may be. (Colin Baker)

January 2, 1998

RE: 33s on the Poole - York. It was allocated 33030 + 33116 from Poole. Then 33030 failed with flat batteries and 33051 + 33116 were sent, and worked the train from Poole to Reading. A Class 47 was then sent light from Saltley and took over the train at Reading. The stock was Virgin Red Mark 2s. (Hoppy, UK.Railway Newsgroup)

December 30, 1997

It's probably too late for most people but I've just heard that the 0900 Poole-York this morning (Tuesday) is allocated 33030+116 from Poole. (Jon, Rail Gen)

I guess the 33s only worked as far as Reading, as 47849 was on the train at Oxford, about 5 minutes late. (Andrew Skae, Rail Gen)

December 22, 1997

33030 was parked at Northam Junction sidings, just East of Southampton Central. It seemed to be working an infrastructure train. It's route and destination are unknown. (Mark Williams)

December18, 1997

33116 was at Wembley tonight whilst I was there. It had arrived on 6M67 from Hoo Jnc. and returned light ( probably to Hither Green, although I am not sure ). (Julian Hill)

December 15, 1997

33025 failed at Sidcup on 8L07 049 Hoo Jn - Temple Mills. This leaves only 3 33s in service at present. 2 of these are currently on the Western Region. (Julian Hill)

Today at 1145hrs I saw 33202 backing a ballast train into Didcot yard with a train from the Swindon direction. She looked nice with a set of ploughs but alas no names ;-) (Jim M)

December 10, 1997

33046 is reported on TOPS as having lub oil contamination, with an expect ok date of 1200 25/12/. The situation is not looking very good as oil contamination could be expensive to repair and the expect ok date does not bode well. One option could be if 046 is too expensive, then the bogies could be placed under 026 thereby making one good engine out of two also it would mean 026 would be around again. (Jim M)

December 9, 1997

I saw 33051 Shakespeare Cliff on Canton on Tues 9th - don't know what it was doing as the phone lines and therefore TOPS are playing up at MG at present. It had gone by the 10th. It was great to see a 33 again - especially now I have a bigger interest in them due to your site. (Colin Baker)

December 8, 1997

Just a little note for you. I saw 33202 at Westbury tonight (8pm), don't what it was doing there though. (Greg)

December 7, 1997

33026 confirmed at Eastleigh. Parked towards the rear of the depot. Visible from Campbell Road. No indication as to whether she'll be repaired or not. I'll check later this week on the situation. (Mark Williams)

December 6, 1997

One of our group has been told that 33026 has now been put where they normally put scrap engines at Eastleigh, so it looks like thats that then :( (Jim M)

December 5, 1997

With reference to the latest TOPS report (see TOPS page). At first 33026 looks like they are going to repair her but the date is usually used to signify a stored locomotive, time will tell! (Jim M)

December 4, 1997

33025+37248 are currently at Purley with today's empty stone hoppers. They have been on this duty all week. (Prar, Rail Gen)

At 1655hrs just south of Gloucester 33030 hauled 33051 heading towards Gloucester. Upon checking on TOPS this was 0V00 Eastleigh to Canton 33030 returning back light engine. (Jim M Spotted by the driver of "an inferior 37040!!!!")

December 3, 1997

Just to let you know that 33026 looks like it has bought the farm with a expect OK date of 00/00/00 not normally very good, it is also my favorite :-( This afternoon on TOPS it was being dragged to Eastleigh, after being on Hither Green all week, along with 33051 also expect OK 00/00/00 but this is allocated for tyre turning at Canton. I'll keep you informed of events. (Jim M)

Today an interesting LE move is going from Westbury to Canton. 37416 is being taken to Canton after failing yesterday, 73131 is also being taken there, and the whole lot is being hauled by 33202. Currently expected through Bristol at around 10:30 - 11:00 (Hoppy, Rail Gen)

December 2, 1997

33025+37??? (Midland Railway Centre) are on today's Purley - Somewhere (sorry - no Freightmaster to hand) empties. You might get a nice photo in the snow. (Prar, Rail Gen)

December 1, 1997

33019 & 33046 are at Luton this morning on the aggregates working from Angerstein Wharf. They will work back on 7O80 (Departs Luton about 11:30 if I remember correctly) minus 1 wagon crippled at Luton. (Mark Bridel, Rail Gen)

I've just had a call to say the 1420 Brighton-Manchester(?) is still at Brighton (16:15). Apparently it was 2 hours late on the way down due to dragging brakes on the 47 which is now failed. 33030 is apparently the only engine with a crew nearby although my caller didn't know if the train was already cancelled. (Jon, Rail Gen)

December 1, 1997

33030 was on 3 Bridges-Hoo Jcn departmental working. 33116 was on the Hoo Jcn-Temple Mills Departmental working. 33019/046 were on empty Marcon Hoppers, presumably heading towards Angerstein. 33051/025 were on 6Y94 Purley-Cliffe empty Brett hoppers. All photographed at Wandsworth Road between 11.30 and 13.20!! (Steve Gandy, Exeter.)

November 30, 1997

33202 was in action helping a failed 47 No. 47841 from Brockenhurst to Reading. (Jim M)

November 26, 1997

33051 was used for 6M67 1720 Hoo Jn - Wembley 'Enterprise' train.

November 25, 1997

33202 was out again in the evening. It passed Longhedge Jnc, and it was headed southbound/ westbound with the long welded rail train. The working and its destination was unknown.(Julian Hill)

November 24, 1997

Blue 33051 Shakespeare Cliff was used to bring empty EWS saloon 999504 into Victoria before 73101 The Royal Alex took it to Brighton. (Rail)

November 21, 1997

33116+37025 currently at Avonmouth on stone empties. Will head towards Westbury around 12pm. (Hoppy, Rail Gen)

33026+37371 off Meldon approx 1pm on the Westbury turn,
still at Riverside at 1420. (Andy Griffiths, Rail Gen)

November 20, 1997

33026 + 37371 worked to Avonmouth on a stone train last night, and then returned again this moring. Last seen at Filton at 10:20 heading for Westbury. (Hoppy, Rail Gen)

November 19, 1997

33019 worked 7L07 and 6O68. (Rail)

November 18, 1997

33202 was towed by 33046 on the 7D52 - 2007 Hoo Jn to Hither Green on the 17th and fixed today. Good news eh ? (Colin Baker)

33116 was on 6W51, the 0500 Eastleigh - Furzebrook, a booked Class 60 turn. (Rail)

November 17, 1997

Looking again at 33202's TOPS printout things could be worse than first thought. Its shown out of service at Hoo Jn authorised for one journey only with an expected OK date of 00/00 - always a bad sign. On the other hand it may be that the fitters are yet to asses the amount of work required to put it's coolant leak right. I'll check it through the week and let you know any progress. (Colin Baker)

33116 'Hertfordshire Rail Tours' worked the 8B11 1340 Eastleigh to Southampton running 65 minutes late. From the North yard it ran through Eastleigh station with 21 wagons loaded with track and excavators. (Mark Williams)

33046 worked 7L07,  and 6O68. (Rail)

November 14, 1997

33116 is working 'freights' off Westbury today. (Tim Proudman, Rail Gen)

33051 was used for 6M67 1720 Hoo Jn - Wembley 'Enterprise' train.

November 13, 1997

33116 Is shown on TOPS as being on 2O85 06:58 Westbury - Weymouth,and is also allocated to 2V70 08:39 Weymouth - Temple Meads & 2B72 11:30 Temple Meads - Cardiff.

These were the reports posted to Rail Gen during the day:

33116 did make it onto the 11.30 Bristol - Cardiff, left Patchway station 16 mins late for Cardiff. 33116 is returning from Wales LE. 33116 passed Filton Abbey Wood at 13.50 heading LIGHT towards presumably Westbury via Dr Days Jcn. (Ian Sticklen, Nick Farrant & Hoppy, Rail Gen)

Pictures of this working can be seen in Hoppy's Gallery.

It was used in place of 37416 which failed at Weymouth the previous day with 1633 arrival from Bristol. 33116  was sent to the rescue and rather than working the 2V93 1938 Weymouth - Westbury, it took the dead Class 37 and empty coaches to Westbury. (Rail)

The 7O62 0629 Willesden Brent - Dungeness was powered by 33202. It worked back with the 7M95 1237 Dungeness - Willesden Brent as far as Hither Green where 33051 took it over. (Rail)

November 12, 1997

Blue 33051 Shakespeare Cliff towed 73138 through West Drayton heading for Cardiff Canton. (Rail)

33202 was used for 6M67 1720 Hoo Jn - Wembley 'Enterprise' train. (Rail)

33019 & 33046 worked 7O77 1109 Acton - Angerstein Wharf forward from Hither Green . (Rail)

November 11, 1997

Blue 33116 Hertfordshire Rail Tours joined 37719 to work 7Z94, the 1900 Merehead - Avonmouth. They returned the following day on the 7Z95 0008 Avonmouth - Merehead. (Rail)

33026 worked on the 7L07 0940 Hoo Jn - Temple Mills and 6O68 return, while 33051 Shakespeare Cliff handled 0Z11 1312 Hither Green - Westbury route learner, a task it repeated the following day. (Rail)

November 10, 1997

33116 passed Southampton at 07:30 with the Eastleigh - Quidhampton tanks. On past performance, it should have returned to Eastleigh approx 09:30-10:00. The return working is usually with a load, although this was unconfirmed. This train does not usually run on a Monday. (Phil Marshall, Rail Gen)

33025 & 33026 were used on 7L33, the 1425 Hoo Jn - Temple Mills. Both locomotives returned light back to Hither green. (Rail)

Friday 7th to Sunday 9th of November, Class 33 No. 33 108 will be making its inaugural appearance at its new home on the Gloucestershire Warwickshire Railway, at Toddington in Gloucestershire. At the Diesel Gala, there will also be a guest locomotive present as well as resident class 03, 14, 20, and 47 in service. Throughout the weekend there will be Freight Demo's, cab visits and photo opportunities and a buffet with real ale on every train. Running times are from 10am 'till 4.40pm. For more information call 01633 665785 (6pm - 9pm).

November 8, 1997

33030 was stabled at Three Bridges. (Stephen Parascandolo)

November 7, 1997

A route learning trip occupied 33026 when it ran light as the 0Z11 1312 Hither Green- Westbury and 0Z44 return. (Rail)

November 5, 1997

There was Class 33 power for the 7L07 0949 Hoo Junction-Temple Mills departmental train with 33026 and 33202 doing the same run the following day. (Rail)

33026 was used for the 7V54 0300 Hither Green-Acton Yard with a rake of Marcon JHAa. It returned on 7)77 1109 Acton-Angerstein Wharf. (Rail)

November 4, 1997

Class 33s are still reaching Leicester on crew training trips, but on October 30, 33046 derailed on arrival. Rerailed, it was still on the depot, presumably waiting for a crew to take it back. (Rail)

33051 Shakespeare Cliff joined forces with 37513 to work the 6C12 0430 Didcot-Westbury with three empty ZBA open wagons. (Rail)

33116 Hertfordshire Rail Tours worked the 6W51 0500 Eastleigh Yard-Furzebrook empty LPG train. (Rail)

November 3, 1997

33051 Shakespeare Cliff was with 37046 during the evening when they worked the 8A12 2335 Westbury-Didcot with 20 loaded spoil and two empty wagons in tow. (Rail)

November 2, 1997

Four Class 33s, No.'s 33019/025/026/202 were on the Uckfield branch for engineering work. (Rail)

October 31, 1997

33019 worked light from Hither Green to Westbury, via the Berks and Hants lineand returned via Swindon on 0Z11 route learning mission. (Rail)

October 28, 1997

The 6Y94 Purley-Cliffe stone train was handled by 33051 Shakespeare Cliff and 33202 in place of a booked Class 60. The train had been worked by 33202 six days earlier. (Rail)

October 27, 1997

33030 was used on 8T22 Westbury-Swindon engineers train, after which it returned light. the same day saw 33019 in multiple with 37516 on the 0Z11 Hither Green-Westbury route learner. (Rail)

A round up of the last eight at 2130 saw 33019 at Buxted on the Uckfield branch with a ballast train, 33025 at Redhill, out of traffic, 33026 at Brent sidings, 33030 at Westbury, 33046/051/202 at Hither Green and 33116Hertfordshire Rail Tours available at Three Bridges (Rail)

October 22, 1997

Rail blue 33116 Hertfordshire Rail Tours had an interesting duty when it took three 4-CIG units No.s 1701/36/48, from Brighton Lovers Walk to the MoD's Pig's Bay depot at Shoeburyness, in Essex, for storage. Leaving at 1201, the BRCW Type 3 travelled via Clapham and Upminster. (Rail)

October 20, 1997

'Cromptons' are still getting to Leicester on light engine route learning trips, as proved by 33051 Shakespeare Cliff. (Rail)

October 15, 1997

33030 was in charge of 7L07, Hoo Junction-Temple Mills 'Civils' trip, returning light. (Rail)

It is reported that 33025 got to Bescot with a 6Z18 additional from Eastleigh then returned light back. (Rail)

October 13, 1997

33025 turned up at Swindon again, this time with a rake of ballast wagons heading towards Reading. (Rail)

October 10, 1997

33025 was in slightly less familiar territory heading west from Didcot to Swindon on a permanent way train. (Rail)

October 9, 1997

33019 took a train of rails to Didcot yard and then left light engine. The next day 33025 arrived to collect them and take them to Westbury. (Rail)

A third Class 33 for 6M67 Hoo Junction-Wembley was 33026 returning 6O74 Hoo. (Rail)

October 8, 1997

33202 was joined by 33116 Hertfordshire Rail Tours on the same train. On arrival at Wembley the pair were split and 33116 went light to Leicester on a crew training run, while 33202 returned light back to Hoo. (Rail)

October 7, 1997

33025 took sole charge of a 6T21 Swindon-Tiverton Junction infrastructure train comprising 15 assorted 'Dogfish' and 'Sealion' wagons. (Rail)

October 6, 1997

'Slim Jim' 33202 was in charge of 6M67 1720 Hoo Junction-Wembley civil engineers trip, returning on 6O74 0300 Bescot-Hoo Junction from Wembley the following day. (Rail)

33019/046 rescued the failed 6V13 1320 Furzebrook-Hallen Marsh at Westbury and took it through to it's destination before working the return train back. (Rail)

October 4, 1997

CELEBRITY blue 33051 Shakespeare Cliff was used for the 6Z19 Hither Green-Leicester train of 27 MEA wagons, and was then taken back light engine by 58012. (Rail)

One of the last eight, 33046 was at Barnes Bridge engaged on engineering duties on the south western lines at the Hounslow loop. (Rail)

October 2, 1997

33051 Shakespeare Cliff worked the 7L07 Hoo Junction-Temple Mills 'Civils' trip, returning on 6O68. 33202 did the same on October 8. (Rail)

October 1, 1997

A rare sight on the West Somerset Railway, when 33019/046 stood in for the usual 37/7 on the 8C25 1315 Merehead-Minehead stone train with boulders for sea defence construction. The BRCW Type 3's had worked light the day before from Eastleigh to Westbury and then ran light to Merehead. After their unusual outing, they returned with the 7C26 2000 Minehead-Westbury and were then put to use the following morning on a 7Z83 0330 Merehead-Exeter Riverside additional stone train. (Rail)

33026 & 33202 were paired together to work 6Y59 Cliffe-Purley aggregates train in place of a booked Type 5. (Rail)

33025 was in adventure mode when it took the Chipman water cannon train to Rugby from Clapham Junction. (Rail)

September 29, 1997

At 2230 the locations of the eight Class 33's were: 33019 en route Eastleigh-Barnes on 6Z23, 33025/116 at Redhill, 33026/202 en route Cliffe-Purley on 6Y59, 33030 out of traffic at Old Oak Common, 33046 available at Westbury and 33051 available at Redhill. (Rail)

September 26, 1997

Virgin Trains hired 33116 Hertfordshire Rail Tours after 47825 Thomas Telford failed on the 1O66 0717 Manchester-Brighton at Redhill. It then ran round to work the 1M50 1420 to Manchester as far as Reading. (Rail)

September 23, 1997

'Slim-Jim' 33202 (formerly The Burma Star) was seen passing Norwood Junction with an engineer's duty from Redhill to Hoo Junction. (Rail)

September 20, 1997

33046 was at Redhill having been working off the area for a week. (Rail)

September 18, 1997

'Dutch' 33026 was light at Swindon for route learning. (Rail)

September 16, 1997

A round-up of the last eight Class 33's showed only one , 33116  Hertfordshire Rail Tours, actually working a train, the 7C78 Hoo-Grain ballast. Of the others, 33019 was out of service at Eastleigh, 33025 available at Three Bridges, 33026/030 out of service at Old Oak Common, 33051available at Old Oak Common, 33046 available at Redhill and 33202 available at Westbury. (Rail)

September 15, 1997

Blue 33051 Shakespeare Cliff was unusually seen heading light westbound through Taplow, en route for Swindon for route learning. (Rail)

September 13, 1997

The final railtour to use EWS owned '33' traction was the 'Six-Five Special' run by Hertfordshire Rail Tours. Using 33051 Shakespeare Cliff and 33030 ran from Victoria to Exeter and back. (Rail)

September 12, 1997

With only eight of the class still in traffic, to see half the fleet in one light engine move was something of a bonus! 33030 led 33025/019 and 33051 Shakespeare Cliff through Basingstoke, heading for Woking. They had departed from Eastleigh. (Rail)

33046 had joined up with 37248 Midland Railway Centre seen at Dartford working a rake of bogie ARC and Yeoman hopper heading towards London. (Rail)

September 10, 1997

The former Sultan 33025 was with 73141 when seen light running through Eastleigh heading south. (Rail)

September 9, 1997

The Purley-Cliffe stone workings have seen plenty of Class 33 haulage recently as Type 5's are used on other duties. On this particular day, the train had an unusual combination of Type 3's, with BRCW 33019 and English Electric 37047 used. (Rail)

September 7/8, 1997

Track relaying at Andover on the Basingstoke - Salisbury line saw 33030/051 Shakespeare Cliff  and 33025 involved along with 37097/707/886. (Rail)

September 4, 1997

33025 worked departmental trips, passing Dartford at 1220 on the down road and returning through with three box wagons two hours later. Five days later it worked the same again. (Rail)

September 1, 1997

The sole surviving Class 33/2 in traffic with EWS, 33202, passed through Dartford with an infrastructure train of old track sections. It was on similar duties the following day. (Rail)