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BR Green

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D6514 of the Birmingham Railway Museum, D6593 of the Mid-Hants Railway and 33008 Eastleigh have repaints in this original BR livery.


BR Blue

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The only main line operational locos in this livery are 33116 Herfortshire Rail Tours and 33051 Shakespeare Cliff. Others in preservation include 33048 currently on the Severn Railway.


Railfreight Construction

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The Class 33s played a major role in the movement of aggregates in the south east before the arrival of Type 5 locomotives. This work involved many heavy Channel Tunnel construction trains.


Railfreight Distribution

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A small fleet of Class 33/2s were employed to shunt the Dover train ferry, coming under the jurisdiction of Railfreight Distribution. The duty was subsequently taken over by Class 08/09s.


Railfreight - Mainline Branding

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Privatisation progress had not bypassed the Class 33s and those in triple-grey livery with old sector details had them replaced with new Mainline transfers.


Network SouthEast

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The class had a brief flirtation with the NSE livery with one of the two surviving to this day. 33035 wears the Spitfire nameplates which was transfered from a condemned sister. (See gallery)


BR General

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33109, Captain Bill Smith RNR as this locomotive is named, was used extensively with No. 33116 Herfordshire Rail Tours on charters in view of their 85mph capability, all other Class 33s are restricted to 60mph.


Civil Engineers

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'Dutch' livery was wideley applied when the Civil Engineers' organisation was allocated a large number of locomotives. many were given aircraft related names following overhaul. Locomotives of the current fleet in this livery are 33019, 33025, 33026,33030 and 33202