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Class 33 'Cromptons' is written by Basil Cooper and published by Ian Allen as part of their Locomotive Profile series. Printed in hardback form, it is a superb addition to any rail enthusiasts collection and of course fans of the 33. With information and pictures of these locomotives from their inception and infancy (including the background detail of how they came to be), design and specifications with diagrams and photographs of inside the cab and the engine room, various uses and routes, timings and plenty of superb black & white and colour photographs. My favourite being on page 49 of Railfreight-liveried 33053 at Worting Junction in 1988 hauling an electric 442 unit. Unfortunately, not due to unit failure, but because of a diversion via Laverstock Junction over non-electrified rails.

The publishers recommended price is 9.95. However, many copies are now available in high street bookshops for around half price. (Mark Williams)